War of the Cards

In War of the Cards your goal is to defeat your enemy
by having the highest number of war points at the end of the game.
You can either play against the Casino in a one-player game,
against a friend in a two-player game or against multiple other
players in a Tournament.



Jigsaw Friends

Challenge yourself and your friends at Jigsaw Friends.
Once inside Jigsaw Friends you can upload your own images,
and you can take part in tournaments-like competitions to
win points and trophies.



Social Tarot

Social Tarot is your source to divine entertainment and insight.
Earn respect and gratefulness from your friends as they rate the Tarot Card Readings
you send to them. Find out how you can find answers to all of life’s questions
when you ask the cards how, why and what can be done to solve your challenges.



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